Why its so important and some helpful tips! 

We rug our horses to protect their skin and coat, keep them warm, protect them from flies and other insects, prevent their coats from burning and to keep hair and skin clean, therefore regular washing of your rugs once a week is very important!

Dirt, sweat and oil from the horses skin builds up on the fabric of rugs and hoods and if not washed and will break down the fibres and significantly shorten the life of your horse clothing.

The oil from the skin of the horse will also build up like a waxy layer on the inside of the rugs and this can cause friction to the coat, rubbing and irritation. We suggest base layers worn against the skin be washed at least once a week in a non-enzyme activated washing liquid e.g. wool wash, as some enzyme based detergents will break down the natural enzymes on the horses skin and cause skin irritations and even dermatitis type problems.

If you prefer to use these enzyme based liquids or powders make sure you do a second rinse cycle to thoroughly eliminate them.

Wool wash in warm water works a treat with ‪1/3-1/2‬ cup of white sugar added to the wash which is a natural way to bring those whites up clean and bright.

If rugs are putrid, a good soak in Napi San is a must, again double rinse to make sure all enzymes are removed.
Never use enzyme activated based detergents on waterproof rugs as this will break down the waterproof layer!!

Wool rugs can be washed less often if not worn against the skin and again a gentle wool wash in cold water with sugar if super dirty.

We love our horses looking snug and gorgeous in clean rugs so make it your weekly ritual, horse clothing isn’t cheap we want it to last!!

Love the DD team xo

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