Deluxe Cotton Ripstop Combo Rug


White with Navy Check + Navy Binding

Product Details

Our “Deluxe” cotton ripstop combo rug has the additional amazing features of a padded wither panel and stiff elastic piping in the neckrug to provide ‘neckstay’ support to prevent the neckrug from slipping down.

Perfect for preserving manes long or short. This rug is breathable yet robust providing a superb fit with the added bonus of a fantastic satin lined, elastic clip neck rug.

It truly is the perfect combo for all horses, paddock or stable.

It has a generous drop, with an elasticized front chest strap and elasticized clips for leg straps allowing ease of movement and less pressure points for the horse when being worn. Satin and padded neck line help to prevent rubbing as well as generous satin lined shoulders complete the comfort in this area of the rug.

‘XL’ size refers to the neck on our combos, we have made some 6'3 and 6'6 sizes with an extra long neck for those very long necked horses. 


  • Neckstay support piping, running parallel either side of neck rug, prevents slipping or scrunching down of neckrug.
  • Satin lined shoulders and wither.
  • Padded wither panel
  • Satin lined neck rug
  • Elasticized adjustable neck rug clips
  • Fleece wither relief
  • Padded and satin lined neckline of rug.
  • Elasticized front chest buckle.
  • Adjustable and detachable leg straps.
  • Elasticized leg strap clips.
  • Generous large tail flap, great for mares too.
  • Velcro tail bag attachment.
  • Generous drop.
  • Spare elasticized clips available at no charge. Contact us if required 
  • Tail bags optional extra.
  • 70% pure cotton, 30% polyester ripstop fabric

Please Note: we HIGHLY recommend using our size chart as it is not unusual your horse may go up a size in our rugs. 

Rug Size Chart


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