Deluxe Flagcloth Combo Rug


White + Navy binding

Product Details

Beautiful soft 165g flagcloth fabric has been produced into the most comfortable essential summer piece for every equine. Perfect for keeping horses cool on those extremely hot days.  This fabric offers UV protection as well as keeping insects at bay.  Same fantastic contoured design and features are included in this essential Combo.


  • Neckstay support piping, running parallel either side of neck rug, helps to prevent slipping or scrunching down of neck rug
  • Satin lined shoulders and wither.
  • Satin lined neck rug
  • Padded wither panel
  • Padded neckline of rug
  • Elastic halter attachments on neck rug
  • Elasticized adjustable neck rug clips
  • Elasticized front chest buckle.
  • Adjustable and detachable leg straps.
  • Elasticized leg strap clips.
  • Generous large tail flap, great for mares too.
  • Velcro tail bag attachment.
  • Generous drop.
  • 2 pairs of spare elasticized clips included.
  • Tail bags optional extra.
  • 165gsm 100% polyester flagcloth fabric

Rug Size Chart


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